Version 2020 "Just in case you didn`t know that shit! Travis Tritt sucks Klansmen dick!"

Donald Trumps Faschismus muss gestoppt werden!

stop Donald Trump from turning the USA into a fascist dictatorship now!

And here is the funniest thing of the week.......the ex-wh-spokeswoman sarah (the liar) huckabee sanders gets caught live on TV telling lies about trump making phonecalls to inform parents of fallen soldiers! If there is any justice remaining in the justice-system of the U.S. - she needs to be sentenced for the misconducts she committed!
September 2020


SNAPone Graffiti Works - Graffitiart and styles by SNAPone - SNAPONE Graffiti

Graffiti is a popular subcultural phenomenon.
Thank god there are people who understand and keep this subculture alive!
You gotta love what you do and others will like it too...give love - get loved!

April 2020

Sketch Sessions

SNAPone Sketche Sessions

Sketching always felt relaxing and calming to me. For many years I have been sketching on everything I had gotten my hands on.
Here are a few examples of sketching stuff I have done in the last few months...

Decembre 2019


SNAPone 3d Projects

Since the late 90`s I was very keen to create stuff in 3D-Programs. I even had a short period working as a 3D-Modeller.
Sadly I changed to working for the web, but I always kept on creating stuff in 3D every now and then...

Novembre 2019


SNAPone Canvas Works

Working on Canvas to me is the highest form of artworking. Its very classical and not as temporary as other artforms; f.e. Graffiti.
The knowledge of the wide range of materials and their interactions is challenging and satisfying so much...