The world is very fascinating. The world of 3D is at least as fascinating, or maybe even more because there is no limit to what you can do. Asides from the technical side of limitation like RAM and CPU-Power. I always loved seeing 3D animated objects, sketches, and prints. Ever since I first saw a 3D Program in action I was quite drawn to be able to do that myself.
I studied Autodesk 3DS Max in the late 90`s and worked as a Modelling Artist for a short while. Sadly it was exactly when the big bubble of dot-coms blew, and I couldnt make a living of it back then.
I never gave up the fascination and never really lost track of the developments of the softwares used... So that way I kept creating some 3D stuff every now and then.
The latest thing I discovered for myself is 3D Printing...very interesting and very satisfying results! For the first time it is possible to "print" everything I am able to create in 3D Software. Thats way out! And really an epic change in mankinds evolution.
I am honestly looking forward to creating many more things that way. Please stay tuned for the outputs...


SNAPone 2019 3d-printed TRECE SNAPone 2019 3d-printed TR SNAPone 2019 3d-printed TR

SNAPone 3D-printed TRECE - 2019
Printed from 3D-file created in 3ds max - based on a sketch by SNAPone


SNAPone 2020 3d and vectorgrafics

SNAPone 3D in Combination with Vectorgrafics