Working on canvas is simply a pleasure at all times...

My favorite surface asides from walls and hard to reach metallic surfaces has always been canvas.
What I love most about this medium is the longevity. And it has been "THE" artists`medium for centuries.

I love doing works with mixed media, as there I am using everything I can get my hands on. The range of materials goes from chalk, markers, inks, acrylics, oil, airbrush-colors, spraypaint, pencil and and and... I actually love mixing them up with paste-ups, mash-ups with other materials in a collage-manner and love that there is no limit to what you can do... The ugly and distressing world seems miles away once I am in my studio, turn on some music and loose my self in my work.


SNAPone 2019 vs. Harald Juhnke 1963 SNAPone 2019 vs. Harald Juhnke 1963

SNAPone vs. Harald Juhnke 1963
Mixed Media on Canvas 380g/m² - 100x100cm - 2018/2019

Harald Juhnke

Born on the 10th of June, 1929 in Berlin-Charlottenburg; died on the 1st of April, 2005 in Rüdersdorf near Berlin. Harald Juhnke grew up in Berlin Wedding, near the "Gesundbrunnen" as a policeman's son.
After he had had theatrical lessons for just 3months he began his actor's career in different Berlin theatres. During the 50s & 60s he rose to a much-booked actor for german television. Since the late 50s Haralds alcohol-problem was known. He even spend a few months in jail for drunk-driving. Ever since that, he avoided having a license, and used a cab instead. In spite of all he became one of the best known german actors during the subsequent years, and he also had international joborders and worked asides others, as a synchronous speaker, tv-show-host, presenter and as an actor.
Source: Wikipedia


SNAPone vs. The Red Snapper 2019

SNAPone vs. The Red Snapper
Mixed Media on Canvas 380g/m² - 50x60cm - 2019

Red Snapper

The Red Snapper is pretty close to the Mangrove Snappers body, but is lacking the mean canine teeth. The Red Snapper features a sloped profile, a spiny dorsal fin, and a laterally compressed body.
Usually he is located in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast Coast of the US. Asides from that he is f.e. known as "Chillo" in spanish.
Source: Wikipedia


SNAPone TRECE January 2016

SNAPone vs. Robb-E-Williams aka "Gray Seal"
Mixed Media on Canvas 380g/m² - 100x100cm - 2016

Gray Seal

The gray seal is a rather large seal, with bulls in the eastern Atlantic populations reaching 1.95–2.3 m long and weighing 170–310 kg
Its a bit different from the almost alike-looking: harbour seal by its straight head profile, nostrils set well apart, and fewer spots on its body. It is also known as "Earless Seal".
Source: Wikipedia


SNAPone Save the Bees - BeeCasso

SNAPone vs. Rettet Mich! Save The Beez - Beecasso
Mixed Media on Canvas 380g/m² - 160x100cm - 2016

Rettet Mich!

"Rettet Mich" means "Save me" in german. It stands for the constant struggle and activism of a few great people who are trying to preserve our nature. The Bee is THE essential part of it. If the bees die - so will we. It is nescessary to protect our enviroment for coming generations. Therefore I got involved with my american friends trying to protect the bees on a day-to-day mode: Working to save and keep them alive - Bee Catcher! BeeCasso - Live Bee Removal by Steve Downs is doing a great job removing and protecting bees in southern California USA. My good friend Steve is a professional Beecatcher and self-taught painter in one. Please visit his homepage, support his cause and stay tuned for his upcoming projects. This bee-artwork was a donation for his 2016 "BeeCasso Save the Bees Art Event" in Pasadena California, USA.